"The mahamaham tank has 20 wells which are named after 20 holy rivers flowing across India. People get themselves drained in these wells. These wells are also called as “Theertham” (Holy water).There are 20 theerthams(wells) in the tank & bathing in the waters of each theertham rids of a specific sin & bestows a specific blessing.

The 20 theerthams in the Mahaamaham tank

1. Indra Theertham - provides moksham
2. Agni Theertham - rids Brahmahatthi dosham
3. Yama Theertham - rids fear of death
4. Nruthi Theertham - rids from fear of evil spirits
5. Varuna Theertham - provides long life
6. Vaayu Theertham - rids diseases
7. Gubera Theertham - provides prosperity
8. Isaana Theertham - moksham (to reach Lord Siva's feet)
9. Brahma Theertham - pacifies ancestors
10. Gangai Theertham - provides Kailasa padavi
11. Yamuna Theertham - provides wealth
12. Godavari Theertham - fulfills wishes
13. Narmada Theertham - provides physical strength
14. Saraswathi Theertham - provides Gnaanam (enlightenment)
15. Cauveri Theertham - provides knowledge
16. Kumari Theertham - blessings to pets
17. Payodini Theertham - provides joy
18. Sarayu Theertham - removes mental strain
19. Arubathaaru(66)kodi Theertham - removes grief & provides hapiness
20. Deva Theertham / Naaga Theertham - rids of all sins & provides Devendra's post /rids of Kaala Sarpa dosham

After a dip in the Mahamaham tank, devotees should take a dip in the Potraamarai kulam & the Cauvery river to complete the ritual."


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